Import big-size image

Hi everyone,

I have this file:

I have imported the image through the import file button, but it still looks like this.

Can someone please help?

Thank you

There are plugins for this, but another way is to “Import” the image from the file browser, not within the existing design file. You’ll get a new file with the full-sized image, copy that, and paste it in the design file.

How can I do that? Sorry, I am a newbie so I am not aware of this

Go to your project (where all the thumbnails are). Top right: “Import” button.

I did it exactly this way and it looks like this

Hey Eleni! I checked the file, and the import of your screenshot “screencapture-flannels-augustinus-bader-the-rich-cream-770179-2024-01-21-13_25_38” seems expected, but I may have missed something.
Can you share a quick video recording when you try to export so we can try to replicate it and clarify what results are you expecting?

Here is a tutorial video on how to import in Figma that may help you:
And you can also have a look to the help center article with more details here: Hope this helps!