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Images rendering slowly and lo-res

I haven’t been using many images much in my prototypes, but something strange is happening today that I think is new. Any bitmapped images that I import (or paste) into my Figma file are displaying poorly. By that I mean they are loading very slowly (like a delay of 5 seconds before they appear) and when they do appear, they sometimes are very low resolution. Sometimes after a moment, a clearer version appears - but sometimes it doesn’t. It seems like some sort of progressive loading, but it’s very slow (like, I-can’t-present-this-to-the-CEO slow). It behaves a little different in the browser version the native Mac app - but it’s essentially the same behavior. I’ve even tried reducing the image size to try and get Figma to load the images more quickly without the need to progressive load it (because it’s so slow). Even when the image itself is not that big, it still progressively loads and sometimes seems to get stuck on the first pass - which is so lo-res to be unreadable.
I feel like this just started today - tho I haven’t been using images extensively so maybe I just haven’t noticed?

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Definitely a bug. You could also try the Insert Big Image plugin for the next times.