Image problem : Unsaved Changes

Hi there !
Since this morning, when I add an image on figma (whether importing it from my desktop or pasting directly does not change anything), Figma tells me that there are unsaved changes and if I leave the window and I restart the draft, I only have empty blocks without images, I tested on another computer and I have the same problem…

do you guys know how to fix that ?

thanks !


This is a known problem and figma is trying to fix it. here are live updates: Figma Status - Issue uploading images to Figma

the best is when you keep your Figma tabs open and then your images will automatically be uploaded when the issue is resolved.

Edit: problem is solved - Uploading Images is now fully functional.


I also don’t saving changes in projects, I can’t even change the profile avatar.

same problem

i can confirm it works !

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