Image export at 1.5x leaves faint line around image

Recently I’ve found in version 114.6.1 if I try and export an image at 1.5x it leave a faint line around the exported image file.

Here is an example, I have two rows of images touching each other in a css grid on a site, if I export at 1x or 2x the images all line up nicely and you don’t see any gaps, whereas if I export at 1.5x the image file has a faint edge to the image.

1x export - You’ll see in this image the images all fill to the edges.

1.5x export - This image you’ll see the lines at the sides of the images as the export leaves a faint line at the sided of the images.

I’m guessing this is a problem with the export. If I open an image in Photoshop you can see the edge of the image is faded.

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