Idea: select the parent after deleting a layer

Situation: Today when you delete a layer, all selection is lost, and the interface goes back to the default state (no layer is selected, like when loading a prototype). This is problematic because your next likely action is going to be somewhere near that element you just deleted. However, now you are forced to start drilling down the layer tree until you reach it again.

Context: Imagine working on a deeply nested page. You have a frame with a bunch of buttons, where you want to delete one and rename the other. You drill down the layer tree to find the first button, and hit the delete button. Now you have to start drilling down from the beginning to reach the second button in order to rename it. Yes, there is Command+click, but often it goes deeper than the element you are after.

Proposed solution: Figma will place the selection on the parent layer just above the layer that was deleted. This way, the context is maintained.

This is a great idea, sketch just released something similar recently so it should be doable in theory.

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