Icons - Is linking icons and keeping them updateable even possible?

I have 1000 icons in my library, drawn by me.
I have placed these svgs to Figma.

As an example:
I update 20 icons and add 10 new ones to the set.
Easiest way is to clear all the icons from Figma and place them all again. It is not that easy to find the correct icons from this kind of amount of icons you see. Also after placing them all to Figma, they are all overlapping each other. Finding the correct ones from there would be a struggle.
Even though the names remain the same and they are in a folder (icons / my-icon-name) the linking is lost. Why?

If I choose one of the icons used earlier in layouts and select “go to main component”, it does not find the one with the same name. So the icons wont get updated after all to the design files.

Any suggestions?