Icon color level too high!

To esay manage,I have baseStyleSystem to manager color、font、shadow and icon. all design system and Project file

  1. Now set icon A, and give the color C-A.

  2. For better management of icon sizes, use a single component for unified invocation. icon color still is C-A.

  3. In the project design system, a component X is designed that references this icon. But To match the component style, change the icon color to C-B (X-enabled),C-C(X-disabled), C-D(X-hover)

  4. In the project file,use X to form design renderings. and change icon to another Z. but change X variant, the icon color can’t follow C-B, C-C, C-D. it follow Z-A(the base color)

So Can’t figma team change it?

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I’m here trying to figure out the same exact issue.