Icon Categories, how do you nest icon categories?

I’m looking to create nested categories for our icon set. The goal is for the categories to be nested like this: Parent/Child 1/Child 2 /Child 3.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Created one Parent Frame with Child 1 frame, Child 2 frame, and Child 3 frames, but Figma only reads the Parent Frame name.
  2. Created a frame with Parent name/Child 1 frame, Parent name/Child 2 frame, Parent name/Child 3 frame, but these all read as separate names, and the names are not nested.

Any suggestions on how to create nested icon categories?

Not sure if I got you right. Are we just talking about grouping icons in categories to organize them better or do you want to have so called “nested components”?

To achieve something like that:

component swapper window


components panel

You just need to name the individual icon components like “Category 1/32px/Icon-Name” for example.

All the icons you can put in an frame named “icon” and group them with additional “category”-frames which however do not have any impact on their pathing but they help organizing your icons because you can use auto layout to stack them etc.

Have in mind, that you can also use the component description to add aditional information that is shown in components panel while hovering over a component.

I hope this helps.