I want Yaku Han JP in selectable fonts.

If possible, I would like to have Yaku Han JP as a selectable font in Figma.

This font is often used on Japanese websites when font-feature-settings:‘palt’ is not available, or when you want to apply it only to specific symbols.

I would be happy if Yaku Han JP is available in the design for the same as GoogleFonts.

For more information about the Yaku Han JP series

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Hello @a.kobayashi ,
If you’ve purchased your own font (here the Yaku Han JP), or have a catalog of fonts on your computer, you can also use these in Figma. To allow Figma to access these fonts, you need to add or install them on your device:

To access these fonts in the font picker, you’ll need to use the Figma desktop app or install the Figma font service if you use Figma in the browser.

Hope it helps!

Thank you @Celine_Figma ,
Yaku Han JP is a web font only and does not provide ttf or otf, so it seemed a bit difficult to install and use on a device.
Therefore, I thought it would be nice if Yaku Han JP could be selected without installation on the device, and that’s why I submitted this article.

But thank you for your detailed explanation.
I will try to convert the fonts!

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Got it, thank you for the clarification! Do not hesitate to vote up your feature request so we can gauge the overall interest in the community. Thank you :slight_smile:

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