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I Want to Switch From Monthly Payment to Pay For A Full Year - Can It Be Done Without Losing Anything?

Last Month I upgraded to the pro version but I opted for monthly payments until I decided if I like it well enough to go longer. Now I want to pay for a year of the pro account to save a few bucks but I don’t know how to do it. I thought about just going through the payment process again and taking the option for one lump payment but then I thought I might get charged twice. I thought I could remove the higher version from my account then go through the payment process again but I have lots of work here (100 hrs or more) and I don’t want to lose it. Is there any way to seamlessly just pay for a year of the pro account when I’m already tied into monthly payments?

Thanks for any help

I’m pretty sure you need this:

Also if you temporarily downgrade, you won’t lose your work. It simply will become not editable unless you upgrade again. Nothing gets deleted.

I don’t need to add an additional seat I need to convert the one seat that I have into a one time year payment. I don’t have additional team members to add - its just me.

^ That’s one too many people. There are only one of me.


I just looked at my bank account and there is a pending charge of $32.67. The cost of the monthly subscription for the pro account is supposed to be $16.34 NOT $32.67. Is here not some way to contact Figma directly about billing issues?! I’m on fucking welfare. I only could afford to do this upgrade because I had a little money come in from unemployment. No I don’t need coaching on decision making, It’s my money and this is what I wanted to buy with it. Just not be charged more than I’m supposed to. I was trying to catch it before the next monthly bill came out and pay for one year so that I could save some money when I see my bank account getting charged double the amount! What is the cause for this!? There is just me on the account. One single, solitary person - ONE SEAT. Dammit I don’t need to loose any the work that I have worked so hard on but I can’t let this happen! What the hell am I supposed to do! Not everyone is rich you know. Some people are in such desperate situations they can’t afford mistakes to happen! FUCK!


I see the invoice it says there are 2 editors. What other editor?!! How did this happen?!! I’m fucking new here!!!


I found that problem and I removed the person. I was not aware that giving my friend edit access to a file I have resulted in that. I dont’ think that is fair! I’m new here I did not understand that was going to happen. I thought it was included in my plan. Holy shit I never even use any design tool of any kind before in my life before this and here I am I need help so I asked my friend to come show me some things how to do. We spent a total of maybe 2 hours and that supposed to take another $16.36 from me for that!! When I thought it was part of what I already paid for? And on top of it I stuck with the fucking monthly bill and no way to convert to pay for a year? A year for one, single person - me - and that’s it!!!


Screenshot_2021-03-11 how much is figma worth - Google Search

^ and they need to take my money?! Please tell me they’re gonna make this right! I’ve had an entire lifetime of getting screwed. I can’t take even one more time!

I totally understand your frustration, I’ve met a lot of people with a similar issue, and Figma is working on making this experience better. Recently they started sending emails about newly added people and not charging you immediately so you can remove them if you added them unintentionally. Moreover, you can always ask support to give you a refund, reach out to them via or the support request form.

Thank you. I was so upset I forgot about there being a way to contact support.

I put in a support ticket 9 days ago and still have not gotten a response (let alone a resolution). They are affecting my money and not addressing a billing issue. What am I supposed to do?!

I heard the support team is pretty busy recently with a lot of requests, so maybe they need a bit more time. The weekend just ended so maybe at the start of this week they would be able to get to this. cc @KatieLee

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I don’t think Figma gives a shit about their customer. It’s been almost 3 weeks and haven’t even gotten a reply. This is my money they’re fucking with and they wont even address the problem. If there were a better tool I would be gone. Why would a company act like this?

That’s indeed terrible and very strange! One last thing I can think of is you can create a new ticket and name it something really obvious and simple like “I need a refund”. Then refer to the previous ticket or just write a new one in a couple of sentences. Rarely tickets can get lost (I have no idea how that happens, is there a black hole somewhere in the software? :laughing:) so this could help if that’s the case.

I finally got a response; and, under the circumstances, they agreed to refund the additional charges. They explained how I can pay for a year of pro (from monthly to a prepaid year) also. So I guess I’m happy about that. I just wish it didn’t take as long as it did - given what this was about. Now I’m not so sure I really need an upgraded account though (not because of this experience but based on whether my situation warrants it). I think I’ll start a thread to try and get some help to sort that out and make a wise decision.

Thanks @Gleb for your help and remaining so calm when I was not.

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