I want to create an emoji options answer list where if the user selects one the other two are no longer clickable/ turn grey. How can I achieve this?

I want my users to only be able to select one answer per question, I created 3 variants selected, unselected, and unavailable. I can select all options and deselect, but how can i stop users from selecting more than one answer?

Thank you!

Make the 3 options as a component,
And then create the four variants (None selected, Option 1 selected, Option 2 selected, Option 3 selected)

Hi Osama, thank you for your answer! I did that already but the user can still choose all three options at the same time. I need all options to be selectable at first but i cannot create an interaction between the specifically selected button because i can only add one-click interaction :confounded:
this is what i have so far


Figma is designing and prototyping tool, it is not possible by default to add conditional
statements within the prototype.

But to overcome this issue, there are few plugins such as AnimaApp in Figma community which will enable us to add custom code to out design. You can add if conditions to the component and your problem will be resolved.