I think Figma currently has the following points for improvement

I think Figma currently has the following points for improvement.

This is an example link:

The most important: 1. When the designed frame is 1920×1080 in horizontal screen, it cannot be displayed adaptively on the mobile APP with the resolution of 2160×1080.

Original image

Now, you need to swipe the screen on your phone to see a full frame.

On the mobile APP with the resolution of 2160*1080

I would like to have margins on both sides, like this:

What I hope to achieve

  1. In addition to being unable to zoom to specified percentage and specified pixel, the proportional scaling that comes with the software sometimes also causes the problem of text misalignment.

  2. At present, file collaboration can be achieved, but co-editors are required to use the same fonts. Can you upload some fonts to Figma platform so that collaborators can use it together.

  3. Hope to increase the folder function for Drafts to facilitate the management of multiple files.

  1. Uploading custom fonts is available on the Organization and Enterprise plans:

  2. You can vote for adding folders here: Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files.

@tank666 Thank you! So individual users can’t upload custom fonts, can they? And what about 1 and 2? :joy:

Are you referring to the prototype?

The best way I know to do it is using Autolayout.

If you use the autolayout properly, (fill container horizontally in the title and description and hug content vertically, fill container horizontally and vertically for the background) you can increase the frame size (1920x1080 to 2160x1080) without major problems.

You can do this on the prototype using an iteration.

No, this is not allowed. We stipulate that only 1920 × 1080 can be used. I’m more looking forward to adding the display options on the app side in figma.

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