I need to restore access to my team

Hello, I’m trying to restore access to my Team after a non-requested trial that expired. I used to be in a Professional account and now I’m on a free account without access to any of the data I had before.
I’m in contact with an Account Manager that is not willing to help.
Thanks in advance.

This is very confusing. Let me clarify some things and maybe they could help you find an answer:

  1. There are no Professional accounts, there are only Professional teams.

  2. A trial cannot be initiated in a team that is already subscribed to the Professional plan. So perhaps the trial was in another team?

  3. The fact that you don’t have access to any data is not related to the teams and plans. Figma doesn’t restrict you from your data even when you downgrade a plan.

  4. If you don’t see your files, you either deleted a team (and can restore it via link in your email inbox), or you accidentally logged into a different account. Also check the Deleted tab in Drafts in case you deleted a Project in a team.

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