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I need to create a high fidelity form prototype. Any integrations

Hello everyone!

I created a prototype in Figma of a complex user flow that includes a lot of form fields. It’s a simple click through prototype at the moment and I want it to be at higher fidelity. The reason is that I want to use this prototype for user testing.

I’m trying to understand what’s the best way to do so. My options are:
a) Do everything in Figma. I could just add a lot of new boards for each possible “state” that I need to show in the prototype and connect everything inside Figma.
b) Import the designs in a third party prototyping tool like Framer (for example). The risk here is to break the seamless and iterative design flow that Figma allows by using two tools. Also I’ve never used Framer before.

Any suggestions?

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Do you really have to use a very-high-fidelity-almost-real-app-like prototype for user testing? I think most of the time you can leave out some very detailed states and stuff since you are testing not how states work (they will work just fine when coded, they work fine in all apps), but how the user can navigate your app and if they can find all necessary things to achieve their goal.

If you really-really do need all the bells and whistles, I’d suggest using a separate tool like Framer or ProtoPie, since Figma is not built for that. The latter has a pretty good integration with Figma.

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Thank you for your answer! You are right, I didn’t need a super realistic prototype afterall. Done alla in FFFFFigma!

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I would work on tempering expectations before demonstrating things. Many people, especially older folks, simply don’t understand what’s going on. This can lead to negative experiences if not explained at the start.

Everyone here understands what’s going on when showing off a typical prototype, but they simply do not.

Even if you explain it to them well, they still may not.