I need help making variants of my interactive components

Hello! I have a problem with my interactive components for my shopping app. I am trying to animate the interactive cards that will display the food and allow people to select the size that they want to buy. I have created an interactive component for the card but I’m having trouble creating variants for the component.

Whenever I edit the text of the variants of the interactive component the text whenever I click on the component will always revert back to the placeholder text. Figma won’t show me the edits I did in the presentation mode.

I feel like I missed a step or didn’t select an option or something, needless to say I am completely stuck. Is there anything that I can do to solve this problem? Please let me know!

One way to solve this would be to set the word “Name” as a component property on both the closed and open version of the card. That way the text will change in both places when you edit the value on one.

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  1. Select the text elements in your master component you want to overwrite
  2. Click this icon to create the component property RizePoint_Product suggested: