I need help because my fixed header disappears when coming to open overlay frame?

So in my main frame for the page there is obviously a header with fixed position. It works perfecty well, except when I connect a button from this main frame/page to an open overlay frame. Than when the headear comes to that new frame it disappears. I tried couple of things, but nothing changed this problem. Every help is welcomed. Thanks in advance!

Attach screenshots

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@Gleb thanks for trying to help me. I am not allowed to share the real thing, so I made a simpler example that still has the same problem.

Figma - the link to Figma where the screen shot was taken from.

So the issue is that the header isn’t visible after having scrolled down when opening the overlay?
The header doesn’t disappear, it’s just that the overlay is so huge that it covers it. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about that.

However, if your overlay is supposed to fill the entire viewport without any scrolling then you could change overlay positioning to centered instead and copy the header to the overlay.

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Thanks a lot @Klesus. So at the end I can’t use the overlays on this way. I needed to have different set of cards to come at the place of the old set of cards when clicking on a button. Having 15 of them I tought that this may be shorter, but at the end I will stick to duplicating the original frame for the page and doing it on that way, it seems.

I think you need https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360061175334-Create-interactive-components-with-variants

Thanks for the suggestion @Gleb. I will look at them although I already have implemented components and variants. But, will definately check them and let you now if I solve it on that way.

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