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I left my job and still want to keep my design

I left my job and still want to keep my design files for future reference. If they revoke my access to Figma, will I loose all the design files I have? I saved them to my computer using “save as fig.” command but does this only save the link to the file or actual file?

There is also “save local copy” option but when I try it, it says browser run out of memory so I cannot use it for large files. What should I do? Thank you.

Are you on Figma Organization or Professional plan? If you are on Org, saving as .fig would be the right thing to do. If you are on Pro, you can just click Duplicate on the files you need to save them to your account. Regarding the running out of memory error, I don’t know if there are any solutions for that, but maybe trying a different browser can help.

I am not sure if we are on a pro or org plan. Whats the way to tell this? What you mean by duplicate the files is duplicating the project files by right clicking and duplicating? If this is the case, ı think I might still loose my access if they revoke me from the team right?

Org: multiple teams for the whole company, you have a proprietary account within the Org.

Pro: one team which is used by the whole company.

Does that help?

Only on the Org plan.

yes then we are on a pro account. So I duplicated the files to my other account. Now this means if they revoke my access to my main account, I will still be able to see the files with my other account where I copied the files right? Thank you

What do you mean by “other account” and “revoke access”? Did the company create the account for you and you are using their account? Anyway, yes, if you have another Figma account with a different email and password, it would keep the duplicated files it owns (in the Share menu check that the correct account is set to “owner”) no matter what happens with the other account.

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