I keep losing my images after merging branches

Whenever I drop screenshots into my branch file and then merge the branch all my image fills disappear. The frames, groups and images are all still there, but the image itself is not visible and image fills disappear.


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This issue was documented and marked as fixed in this thread: Image corruption after updating from main branch

But I just experienced the issue again on merge, so I’m not sure if it’s really fixed. Unless it’s because I’m working with a file that existed before the bug was fixed?

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My files were definitely created after the fix and it has happened in all of the merges that had screenshots or other pasted images.


I just had this happen (again). Also, I’m unable to copy the screenshots from the merged branch to the main file and receive the same “invalid” error.
Is there a better way to be importing raster images into Figma? This bug seems like it mostly happens with images I’ve copy/pasted from another application…

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Hi, When I merge my branch into the main file, the images I have pasted into the canvas disappear. The outlines are still there but not the actual image. See image attached.

Thanks in advance,
Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 5.08.01 PM

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I know it says it has been fixed but it is still happening for me.

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This bug is back. It’s happening to me again as well.

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Same problem here… Please help!

Still happening for my team as well. Pretty painful when your trying to work on a new photo gallery feature. :exploding_head::sob:

I have the “An invalid image or thumbnail was removed” every time I copy and paste Figma artboards from other accounts.

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Having the same issue as folks mentioned above. This is for a new file with new screenshots that were created well after December.

This is also happening for me. Its incredibly frustrating and makes the branching tool effectively useless for protecting work over time.

Missing Images after merge

This is an issue I’ve been having for months, and still have. Every time I merge a branch almost all images disappear. Its not clear why some remain, but in this example none remained. This is incredibly frustrating, and essentially makes the branching feature too costly for me to use until its fixed. :rage:

Hi everyone!

Thank you for reporting you were running into image issues while merging. I am sorry that it interrupted your work flow.

We have identified the root cause of the problem and a fix is on the way to make sure your images will merge properly going forward. This fix will be deployed today and I will keep the thread posted.

We are starting an investigation into how to fix your main file that has damaged images. I will provide updates here as we go as well.

Thank you for your patience, everyone. Please reach out if you have any question.



Marking @kiko’s most recent reply as the solution for visibility - will continually update as things keep moving and the fix is pushed :grinning:

Thank you kiko! Appreciate the follow-up. :slight_smile:

Hi friends! The fix is live. You shouldn’t have any problem merging images going forward. Please let me know if you see otherwise.

Also to clarify, any existing branches should not have problems.

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Hi @kiko you said the fix is live, but I’m experiencing this issue now. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Hi Alex!

I am sorry, this is so strange because this shouldn’t happen. I am assuming you are using the desktop app? Did you try to refresh or have recently open the main file tab? I am interested in learning more about how that happen. I will send you an DM to gather more information and help you recover the images if needed.

Hi @kiko , I had the same problem today with the latest desktop app under Mac OS 10.15.7. It seems to be related to file size. I like to have one huge file with all of my “scribbles” in it where I develop ideas without the client seeing it (I got used to it in Sketch, it works there and it’s very handy if you want to find an element that you want to re-use without opening a dozen files). When I’m done, I copy my layouts over to a new file and give the client access there.

Now when I copy stuff BACK from “new” to “huge”, I get the message “invalid image or thumbnail was removed”. No matter if I copy the “new” stuff to a different page of “huge” or all to the same page of “huge”.
When I create a new design file and the paste “new” into it, I DO NOT GET THAT ERROR MESSAGE and also all of my images and thumbnails are there.
And here’s something else that is funny: I clicked on “save as .fig” in the “huge” file to see what file size it actually is (176M, I’ve had wayyyyyy bigger .psd files, haha), and all of a sudden, ALL OF MY IMAGES WERE BACK!

So the problem is not that “invalid images were removed”, but it’s really a cache issue that doesn’t get resolved by “reload tab”, but instead if you prepare to save your file offline. This is when the missing images are really reloaded. Note that I’m alone on a VDSL line with 250 Mbps downstream, 80 Mbps upstream, bandwidth is not an issue on MY side.