I imported figma file and the layout are messy, how can I solve this?

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Hey Asumi!
Sorry for the trouble, this looks odd. If this is affecting Component appearance in your layout, please use the ‘Regenerate all Instances’ tool from the Search menu to refresh the appearance of all of your Instances at the same time.

If it is affecting Text or Style appearance or settings outside of Components you can use ‘Select all with same Font’ and then 'Recompute Text Layout in Selection’.

Let me know if this helps! If not, feel free to reach out directly to the support team so we can try to reproduce on our end: here
Please use your Figma account email, include a quick video recording and send the URL of the file, and add support-share@figma.com as an editor on this file (this won’t affect your billing at all) so we can take a closer look.