I have design: viewer & figJam: editor roles and cannot create figjam files in our team

I have just convinced our company to try out Fig Jam as an alternative to Miro.
My account has following permissions:

  • team permissions: Can view
  • design role: Viewer
  • FigJam role: Editor

When I am on our team starting view (list of projects) I cannot find any button to create a new FigJam file. Also when I am trying to launch FigJam through this link: Figma (Try FigJam for free from the landing page), draft file editor is being launched BUT I cannot see our company team when trying to use option ‘move to a project’.

Am I not getting something? I did not found any mention that we have to buy desinger editor role dor every FigJam editor (that would kill the purpose for us).

Anyone? Or should we just drop FigJam editor licences and go to miro in the end? I really need to get such tool up&running asap…

Hey @Adam_Labedzki - I’m not sure what may be happening, but I think the best thing would be to file a bug ticket just in case there’s something going on in your instance. You can file a ticket here: Submit a bug form →

When you’ve done so, can you PM me the case number you are assigned? I’ll do my best to escalate it on my end.

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