I don't understand how "after delay" doesn't work

I want to create a slider with an after delay interaction but it greyed out and there is no logic…

I followed exactly a tutorial on it and it doesn’t work for me… please help haha its driving me crazy.

After Delay is only available for connections going from the top-level frame or interactive component. What you have selected is a regular component so it is not available.

Hello Thanks for your help,

It is actually part of a frame, you see it as a component because I need to click on it in order to do the interaction with its variant.

If i do it with another example, it is the same :

I might not understanding something. the weirdest part, is that i could do it before…

You can’t put this interaction on an inner frame, only on the top-level variant. And make sure it’s not assigned there already. On the second screenshot with colorful frames you cropped off the right panel, perhaps after delay interaction is already set up there?

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