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I don't see my file have access to interactive components even though I'm in the beta

I don’t see the interactive components enablement option in all of my files. Only in the playground file.

I have exactly the same issue. I was using the “Desktop Beta App” and switched to the regular Figma App, but I still haven’t acces to interactive components in other files than the playground.

The interactive components enablement checkbox will only be visible in files that have interactive components in them. This is probably why you’re seeing it in the playground, but not your other files right now.

Try testing the feature by creating an interactive component in a new file - the enablement checkbox should appear.

Oh okay gotchya, that’s a bit confusing from a UX perspective. Shouldn’t it just be seen in every file without you having to create them first? (at least in a beta this would make sense)

Thanks! This is super helpful - totally hear you on how that’s confusing, and agree they should just “work”. The checkbox will go away when we move out of beta - and interactive components will be visible in every file. We’re allowing users to disable interactive components in files for the time being just in case they are impacting prototype load times.

@Emily_Brody I have a separate file where I store my components but unfortunately I can’t even make them interactive because the option does not appear.

Edit : It works if I create a new bunch of components but it doesn’t if I use existing ones