I can't update the plugin anymore

I was able to update the plugin in the past but recently it is not possible.
The plugin id is 1024395026904248839
and it is not disconnected from the manifest version.
After I select [publish] plugin and I select the appropriate item, the button [next] gets activated , I click on that and nothing happen.


Are you trying to update the plugin from the same account that first published it?

Yes, I am using the original account.

Ok, if this is the same account that you first published the plugin from, then you should see the “Publish new release” option, as in the screenshot below.

If instead you see the item “Publish”, then you are probably signed in to the wrong account or something else.
You can try the following:

This is what I see

I can, surprisingly, unpublish the thing but not publish updates :frowning:

There is a team account I have used to list the plugin on the market but under tht or this I have the same experience.

Thank you.

Try re-importing manifest.json.

I did. This thing opens:

Thanks @tank666, It worked finally after importing the manifest from that particular place in the account/plugins view. Importing from manifest in other place in the app, like the contextual menu, is not working.

Thank you!

You need to click not “Run”, but “More options” ( next).

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