I can't publish the plugin

I developed a plugin for Figma and want to publish it, but when I try to publish, I get an error saying, “We detected a change to your account details. Please contact support@figma.com to publish this plugin.” I did change my account password (almost a week ago), BUT when I emailed the provided address (support@figma.com), they responded that since I have a free plan, they can’t help me. So, in order to help the Figma community by publishing a completely free plugin, I have to pay? I hardly even use Figma and don’t need a subscription.

Please resolve this issue and help me remove this error.

Hey @Apployal, apologies for the inconvenience !

I’ve just located your support ticket. I am going to escalate this internally with the team, someone from support will be in touch with you soon! Of course you don’t have to upgrade to paid plan to get help with this, sorry again for the misunderstanding.

Thank you,

Hello @Gayani_S, thank you so much