I can only access Figma when using a VPN

For my own designs I can access Figma just fine. But when I access my design teams designs (they are in India I am in the UK) I need to use a VPN to get them to load or else they just load infinitely. Even if I use a VPN in Holland it works fine.

Any idea’s why this could be?

It seems some regions has been banned from Figma due to US sanctions. Like Iran.

The only work around is a VPN

But I’m in the UK, we wouldn’t have any sanctions like that. Also I can access my own designs just can’t access my design team in India’s designs.

The problem probably occurs because the design file has been created by them before the time of sanctions, and now you’re connecting to it by the servers that has affected. It is generally a bug through the system. I live in Iran and we face all kind of connectivity issues.

I think the workaround is:

You create a project and import their work into your files and then give them edit access and continue the work.

it might fix your problem.

Note: It’s better to copy and paste All layers instead of export and import, cause export file might write some Banned data too.

At the End these are all ideas not actual solution.

Best regards

I guess that’s possible. They are in India I have no idea if they are banned but there are plenty of spammers/hackers there (as in any country). Thanks for the tips, I’ll give them a try. Especially the import/export/copy layers tip that’s super useful.

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