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I can find a file via search, but when I open it, it 404s!

Need a file that I’ve been able to find via search. When I open it, it 404s and tells me to ask the owner to check the link/permissions. I’m the owner!

I’m not quite sure why it won’t load and I’ve tried things like sharing it with my other account and more, still no good.

Can you try logging out of Figma and then logging back in?

I have yea, tried it on incognito browsers as well. Will try again though.

Update: resolved by support! :white_check_mark:

Our large main working file is not loading too, for anybody. So we can’t work today :sweat_smile:

The file just keeps loading but never finished. Console throws a 404. We don’t think we’ve deleted the file since yesterday!

I have written to support with the link to the file, but in the meantime, we’re stuck.

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