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I am using constraints to mock up a website responsively, but how do I get the viewport to show all the elements that I would like for all the different screen sizes?

I am new to Figma, so I apologize if this is annoyingly newbie-like. So I designed a wireframe for web and I was adding constraints for responsiveness, but how do I get the viewport to show all the text and symbols in the way that I designed the original 1440x1024? For example I created a frame around the viewport of my 1440x1024 (original design size) thinking I could just have the individual elements shown in the viewport be constrained to the bottom of the viewport frame and have the frame itself constrained to the top of the entire landing page, but it doesn’t seem to work.

So when duplicating the original and changing the frame sizes to represent smaller screen sizes, most of the text and elements are cut out of the viewport. Is there a way to have the text of the original 1440x1024 viewport to always show in bottom right of just the viewport (like the original) for prototyping? I’ve tried almost everything, but cannot seem to figure it out. I know coding something to fit the viewport is quick and easy, so why is it so difficult to prototype?

I do have one more question: How do you manage responsiveness with embedded videos that need to keep proper video aspect ratios? If you see the “Macbook Landing Page” column on the left, the video size still fits, but it should probably be scaled down to maintain a margin for breathing, but also to fit the horizontal overflow arrow(s) on the side(s) of the video frame.

Please let me know if you have issues viewing the link! Thank you so much in advance!!
Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 9.07.42 PM|469x500