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πŸ› Huge bug in prototype mode (with bug video)

Hi everyone,

on Friday I checked on my Figma prototype and everything was working fine.
This morning I made a quick check and I noticed that some triggers cause issues in the prototype: for example, when I click on a button, the screen starts flickering between two different screens, although the prototypes links are ok. On other occasions, the prototype would skip some screens even if I was not clicking on any element of the interface.

I really don’t know how to solve it, I tried to remove the prototype links that were causing the problem and tried to reduce the overall number of screens in the prototype (it’s a big file, 100 screens), but then I reopen the file and the issue is still there in some other screens,

Link to the bug video

Thank you in advance

It seems that you are using Interactive Components Beta, is that correct? Bugs are to be expected since this is a beta, and you can greatly help the team solve it by sharing the link to the file. Specifically this bug was reported by multiple people already. You can use the bug report form or share more information here.

P.S. Next time you can upload video files directly to the forum, I’m not a fan of having to accept some kind of terms of service agreement to simply download a file.

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Thank you for answering,

I’m really sorry about uploading the video in a link, I’m afraid I hadn’t noticed the Upload icon, next time I will upload it directly to the forum.

I disabled the interactive components and the issue seems to be solved. I will let you know in case it happens again.

Thank you for your time and have a good day

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Hi @Laura_Cappelli - it sounds like this is an incidence of Prototype bug - My prototypes flick between random screens when Interactive components are turned on

We released a tentative fix today. Can you check if the problem still occurs? Thank you!