How to watch the specific Config topic I want

I keep redirecting to the Youtube channel, and I can only find one channel on the Figma Youtube account.

Then I sign in to the Config website and found these 201,203,205,207 rooms to enter. Does anyone know other ways to enter the topic I want to watch directly? It wasted more than 15 mins, a confusing watching experience.

You may have figured it out by now, but go straight to Agenda | Config 2023 to get around the redirect. The agenda page is now listing which talk is in which room (I don’t think it was doing that earlier!)

They have been dealing with last minute issues from the streaming platform so I’m sure they’re working diligently to fix these issues and make it less confusing!

Yeah, now I can see which topic is in which room seems they did figure out the issue. Thanks for answering.