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How to tackle slow performance

Hi @Eugenezh , what solved it for us was removing as much unnecessary frames and groups as possible. (see Gleb’s post from 1-feb)

If that doesn’t work, you could try splitting your work into more pages or different files.

Good luck :v:

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This worked. Lagging gone.

I may be the odd one out.

But I am still experiencing severe Figma’s prototyping performance.

It still not only lags but crashes despite restarting my comp, the browser etc. As part of job application task I am demanded to work and present an array of design accross various screens. Simple as 99% of what everyone use Figma for. Yet it is a hog for some reason when viewing it under browser.

I have done many if not all of the work arounds here.

  1. Deleting many frames and artboards.
  2. Deleting entire pages worth of other bits of behind the scene comps development.
  3. Keeping jpeg images optimized <200kb.
  4. I have also changed many roll over effects from dissolves, smart-animates to just “instants”.

These performance slowdowns (at least in prototyping stages) used to be tolerable last year. But now ~ not even a scroll down 1/4 way of anything it chugs up everywhere. Chrome, Firefox, Safari included.

As I’m typing this, it’s getting worse! It is now stuck on the figma anim icon loading screen no matter what browser! And no matter how many restarts.

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 5.48.24 pm

I have had 40+ hours worth of stake recorded in this project even if just a “trial” for a job application. If anyone can help me or at least experiencing the same, please let me know.

Same. No solution yet.

You can use an alternative way to show a presentation.
Try my Demo Station plugin to download your presentation as a ZIP-archive to show it even in offline mode. Or you can use the plugin to upload it into a cloud and show it.