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How to stop receiving ghost Team Library update notification

I am setting up a new design system on a Figma Team.
Since some weeks I keep receiving ghost Team Library update notification every time I open the file on which I am building the set-up.

As soon as I click on it to see what’s there to update, it shows nothing.

What’s even more awkward is that this is a new Figma Team and basically no Team Libraries had been published previously (I am setting the first one up for this Team).

This problem only affects the particular Figma File where I am setting up and does not happen on other Files/Projects.

Has anybody else ever experienced this and could kindly provide some hints of a solution?

This feels like something you should direct to directly.

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This happens to me from time to time. Sometimes it’ll say it’s updating something I haven’t touched in weeks. I have been clicking “dismiss” but it is distracting.

Oh yeh you’re right. Sorry I got confused with the name Figma Support Forum.

+1. Can confirm the same behavior.

I am getting the same update notification in my files. We have a well established design system with a team that works specifically on our design system so I am used to seeing the update as they update components etc. but the past few days it has been giving me an update warning and when I click on it, there are not updates.