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How To Show Tabs in Full Screen

Just experienced this myself. I only work in full screen mode and in protoyping phase right now so I have to pop between tabs a lot.

There was a pop up that said to turn tabs back on in the view settings but cant find it anywhere

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Yes, it was not so cool to start with. But you can turn tabs view on from Views setting in toolbar. If you are having hard time figuring out where that option is, you can type search ‘tabs’ in Help option in toolbar. It will show all settings related to tabs.


Thanks that solved my problem. Although I don’t understand why to hide them by default…

Instead they should try to use the tan system of macOS or a browser, that way you could use tabs in different windows or merge them into one window.

Please bring tabs back when on full screen, I love working on full screen and this change makes it harder to move between files. Thanks!

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I just noticed there is a setting to bring them back, thanks!

Hey I can’t find the setting after the new update today

Hi, I am a PM at Wrike (Citrix). We use Figma a lot with my UX designer.

Please return the ability to see tabs in full screen on mac. Even if only on hover. This is key for me to keep using the desktop app (because I keep all apps in full screen) vs the browser, and I really like the desktop app - it’s faster, more orderly and more stable. I mean there isn’t even a home button in full screen mode anymore…

PS. Really like your product! Keep it up :slight_smile:

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I also encountered the same issue. Later I brought them back via View → Shows tab as fullscreen (at the end of the window)

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Literally, WHO decided this would be a good idea to hide tabs by default, I have spent days trying to figure out how to show tabs in full screen.

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Hi! I’ve been using Figma since 2015, and I’ve always loved seeing all of my tabs so I can quickly switch between files I’m working on. I use the desktop app everyday and often have 5+ tabs open at any given time. The new update removed the tabs when in full screen, but I miss it so much!

The shortcut for switching between tabs isn’t very helpful anymore because I can’t remember what order my tabs are in/can’t see them. Is there a shortcut I can use to bring them back?

I hope my feedback helps!

Hey @Jessica_Barron,

You can still see tabs in full screen. In full screen mode, when hovering towards the top of your screen, select View > Show Tabs in Full Screen.

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I completely missed that. Thank you! You saved me so much time.

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The product manager that owned this feature made a massive mistake by making them hidden by default. I’ve never seen anyone’s work blocked by having tabs, however, if you cant navigate, your work is blocked.

This is an elementary mistake. This junior product manager needs closer supervision into choices that impact UI by default. This should 100% be opt-in.


Hi @dvaliao – personally, I love the ability to hide tabs in fullscreen mode.

However, as others have pointed out (see the comment from @Nitzan_Ron), it would be far more useful if tabs would still show, attached to the window menu bar, when moving the mouse to the top of the screen.

This way, you wouldn’t need to toggle this “Show Tabs in Full Screen” mode option every time you need to see your tabs again while in fullscreen mode.

Please let me know if that makes sense. Here’s an example of how it might work (in this example, it’s Chrome, not Figma, but you get the idea)


Exactly what needs to be done!
Thanks, Austin

spent half an hour trying to figure out this. feeling stupid now…i don’t expect Figma to make me feel stupid but I guess I was wrong…


For some reason, the support decided that it was very prudent to respond to angry indignation with f*cking instructions on how to return the tabs. Figma, I really love you and recommend you to everyone, but it’s only one step from love to hate. So finally hear your users.

Get back tabs without fcking searching in the fcking menu View!!! I’ve hoped that Figma comes to its senses and releases an update with a fix ASAP.

Hello everyone, and thanks for your feedback.

We will be making a change to this feature so that the tabs will be visible if you go fullscreen from the editor, but they will hide when you’re in the prototype viewer. This should allow both full screen work with multiple tabs, and presenting slide decks or prototypes from Figma without tabs being in the way.

Like today, you will be able to toggle an option to constantly show the tabs no matter what.

This change should be available in the beta app soon, and in the release app in a few weeks.

Muchas gracias!! Después de varios días frustrada intentando encontrar la solución, encontré tu ayuda en este hilo y funciona!! :star_struck: Ya aparecen las diferentes pantallas en full screen :hugs:

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