How to show MVP and Fast Follows in Figma

:wave: I am building out an MVP but also want to share what did not make it into MVP. I also would like to show some fast follow updates. Does anyone have any recommendations of how to document this in your Figma files for your engineers?

I am not sure if I should use pages, have a “final” file, and do I have each phase be on a separate page.

Any thoughts or examples would be super helpful! Thanks

This is always a tricky thing to do. What I do is use pages, but the new sections might also be useful here. I create a blank page and named it with a unicode folder :file_folder: glyph. And a title like Not in MVP. Then create pages below that named after the features like Avatar Upload. The folder page acts as a divider that the content following is associated. If you can’t trust your engineers to not get confused then a view only design l file and use the link feature in the MVP create a page like roadmap and put it linked there.

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