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How to scale frames/components?

Hi. i just switched from sketch to figma. I have difficulties with resizing artboards and components. There is no Scale in inspector. I created an art board and i need to change its size. If type another size in the inspector, the artboard resized with content. I hold Cmd key i can drag marker and resize artboard manually, but it’s very difficult to do it precisely. In Sketch you can just check/uncheck resize content with artboard. So you can uncheck and resize artboard in inspector typing exact dimensions. I also have component inside component and it’s also big pain it the xss. Same situation here. If i need to change components size inside mockups i have select Scale tool an do by handresizing. If scale tool selected and i type 500x500 it breaks component. Because inner components still in their original size. How do you work with this? How should i work? Make scale tool with principle of sketch. There are a lot of controls. You cam adjust size and angle of proportional scale
Cool app but moments like this are disappointing

I may be misunderstanding what you’re having trouble with, but you can select any frame and type a specific height and width for it using this panel:

Figma frames are also fundamentally different than Sketch’s artboards, and way more powerful because you can nest them and set constraints that determine responsive behavior at every nested level. You should read this article to get a nice overview, it’s a bit older but still relevant: What to expect when moving from Sketch to Figma

Thanks for your reply. I found the problem myself. I was hoping that if I set the component to a scale value, then when the component is resized in the layout, the content will resize proportionally with the component. I realized that the object itself inside the component also needs to set the scale parameter and then everything will work. The applications are similar, but not in everything)

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