How to rotate element of an instanced component using Auto Layout


I have a component with auto layout, the instance of which I need to have variable rotation of some elements based on where it’s placed in the design.

Right now the rotation for elements in an instanced component with auto layout is greyed out.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently, it’s not possible to override the rotation unfortunately. I will share this feedback with our team. For the reference, Figma supports overrides to text, fill, stroke, and effect properties. This allows you to make changes to the more superficial aspects of an instance.

You can apply the following overrides:

  • Change text properties, including font, weight, size, line height, letter spacing, and resizing
  • Change the fill or stroke of any layers, including the fill type, value, and opacity
  • Add, edit, or remove any shadow or blur effects
  • Add, edit, or remove layout grids
  • Swap nested instances of other components, like icons
  • Add, edit, or remove export settings
  • Change the layer name

I hope this helps!