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How to reuse existing animation in multi-step interactive component?

I am trying to create interactions among the various Button States as shown below:

The interactions are simple:
For normal button: Default → on-hover → Hover → while pressing → active Normal Button Interactions
For the loader button, I want the button to initially show as a normal button and convert to the loader button on click (then the loader disappears after a delay).

For now, I have done this by making the Default button as the initial state of the loader button, and then: Default → on-click → Loader. Loader Button Interactions

My question is, is there any way to use one of the existing button variants (e…g default) to be used instead of the double button in the loader variant.
Also, what if I want to reuse the Normal Button Interactions, i.e. is there any way to achieve this:
If variant is loader: [Normal Button Interactions]on-click → Loader.

I have wondered as well if this functionality exists. If it doesn’t exist it would be a really helpful feature to unify the common interactions that occur across variants within a component.

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