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How to remove random files from my search results? 🔎

When I view someone else’s Figma file, it’s sort of saved in my account. From that point, it keeps on showing up in Recents tab and also in search results.

In the recents tab I have an option to right-click on the file and “remove it from recents”. But in search results there’s no such option. So they stay there forever. Over the year it has collected hundreds of files from others so my search results are so cluttered that I can never use it. :sob:

Is there any solution to this?

Removing them from recents doesn’t seem to remove them from search results.

Open the Share menu of the file, find yourself in the list and chose Leave in the dropdown on the right.

Yeah, that works. I should have looked into it earlier before amassing hundreds of files. I doubt I’m gonna have a patience to go through them one by one to do that. Hopefully the Figma team will add more manageable solution in the future.
Thanks for your response.