How to remove all Effects from many objects at once?

I have a frame with 100+ objects in them. Text, shapes, images. Some of them have Blur effect filter applied.

Is there a way I can quickly reset all effects? i.e. I want to remove the blur from ALL objects at once.

Currently it seems I have to individually select each object and remove the effect under the side properties.

Thank you!

Hi Clifford1,

You can select all object, remove effect from right panel.

Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately, when I select all objects, the Effects part from right panel is greyed out.

Only when I select one or a few objects with the same Effect type, then I can remove all effects at once.

I’ve run into the same limitation with editing multiple prototype interactions as well. Figma only allows mass editing of things with the same properties/interactions, which is super frustrating.

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  1. Select all the layers/objects you want to remove the effects from.
  2. In the design panel, go to where it says effects and click the plus button to add an effect. This will overwrite and remove any existing effects with the one you just created.
  3. Click the minus symbol to delete the effect you just added. Now, there should be no effects on any layer/object.