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How to Relink components, text styles, color styles with the duplicated design library?

My Client asked me to move the “Design Library” and “App Designs File” to his own Figma Team. Both are connected to each other, where many components are imported from “Design Library” and are used with different instances in the “App Design File”.

When I duplicated those two files and copied them to the “Client Team” I discovered that components, text styles, color styles in the “App Designs File” are still connected to the old “Design Library”, which is placed on “My Team”

Is there any chance to relink all components and styles to the “New Design Library” on “Client Team” automatically, or there is not and I will have to do it manually for each screen inside “App Designs File”?

If you need more details, text in comments here :slight_smile:

You can’t relink all components automatically. You can use my plugin Master to simplify this process a bit: Move master components from different files to a new library - #2 by Gleb

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