How to readjust right panel

Hi! I am a new guy here, and can’t figure out how to call out the Resizing panel. On youtube they say it should appear automatically when hit AutoLayout but doesn’t for some reason. Also can generally adjust the right panel? Meaning adding or deleting some panels? Thanks!

Hi @Ilya_Kharkovskiy
By “right panel” do you mean paddings? if yes, Auto-layout doesn’t necessarily remove them. But in the Auto-layout panel you can see how much paddings you have and can adjust them.
Maybe sharing a screenshot would help.

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Hi @Ilya_Kharkovskiy, I think this is meant with the new panel layout, some functions that were directly available before are now hidden behind the three dots, which brings up a flyout menu on click:

Apart from that I don’t think you can customize those panels on the right. You have the three tabs (Design, Prototype, Inspect) and each contains various sections of which some appear only in specific contexts (eg. with an active selection of a component etc.).

Thanks a lot!