How to quickly move small layers across large pages?

Sketch has a keyboard shortcut that allows you to move a selection without directly clicking on it. (OPTION + CMD + Click/drag)

This is super handy for moving teeny layers across large spaces. For example, I made some small components, and I want to move them to a different page. It’s original XY coordinates are preserved, which places it about 500 miles east into no man’s land :laughing:

So to group it with the rest of the stuff on that page, I gotta either drag it to the edge of the screen and wait, or zoom waayy out and try to click & drag on a teeny tiny click target.

It would be a lifesaver if Figma could adopt a similar keyboard shortcut as Sketch. We have some beefy files with lots of frames per page, so I often have a lot of “ground” to cover when moving things around.

Unless anyone has any other ideas how I can move small layers more easily :smiley:


Tip: You can zoom while still dragging the element, avoiding having to click tiny stuff.

If you use the Move to page function, then yes, it does preserve its position. If you just cut it out however, it will paste within the bounds of your current view, if the original coordinates are not in view.

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Thanks a bunch, didn’t know I could zoom while dragging!