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How to prototype multiple interactions in one frame with interchangeable variants

Hello! I have a couple of questions regarding my project. Here it is!

1). I want to be able to select one variant ( 25EUR, 50EUR and etc) and and have the other one de-select automatically. At the moment, it requites an extra step to de-select the chosen variant. How can I achieve that?

2). Also, when a value selected ( 25EUR, 50EUR and etc) I want the text in the "Get €XYZ and Free Spins!” to change accordingly. So let’s say I select 50EUR and the text says “Get 123 Free Spins!” but when I select 100EUR it would change to "Get 456 Free Spins!”. How can I link variants of the text with the variants of the selected money value?

I’d really appreciate if you could help me with these! Thanks!

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