How to "print" my design onto the sheets i used as background?

Its my first time using Figma, I used it to create a blueprint for a Prop I want to build.
Because I need to print it in Lifesize I used DinA4 sheets as background.
Now the problem is the sheets are empty, how do I get my Dessign to “stick” onto the DinA4 pages so I can export them one by one as PDF for printing?

I uploaded a screenshot so you can see what is going on.

Your help is much apreciated!

Your frames will export blank because your design isn’t part of them (it’s not a child of the frames). You’ll have to copy the design into every frame. Simply Ctrl/⌘C your design and Ctrl/⌘V it into every frame. It should keep it’s original position within the frames.

Alternatively, you can try something like this:

Thank you so much, this has helped me!

Happy to help! I hope your prop turns out great. Please consider checking the checkbox under my previous comment to mark your topic as solved.

Hi again. I want to come back to you and let you know about another feature that I overlooked. In the export settings of your frame, you can uncheck ignore overlapping layers to make the frames include anything that intersects them.


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