How to populate plugin draft (after user hit "Try it out")?

When the user press “Try it out” on my plugin, Figma will open a new empty draft page but I did saw some other plugins that have that page populated with sample design. Is there anyway to tell Figma to copy the draft page from some specific page?
Or should I populate it by the plugin itself? (check that if the page is empty and create nodes on it, but then how to distinguish between user’s empty page and the plugin’s draft page)

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There is no way to do that currently. I like the empty page population idea though! You can use the plugin + file name comparison to make sure it’s the right file (the file created through the button will have a name “yourpluginname (Community)”).

Yeah, it confused me quit a lot.

It would be better if author prefill something to let user try the plugin esaily.

Otherwise, why not let user install the plugin simply, and try the plugin in their design file directly.

under my case, my plugin is a tool which convert the page design into a html. So when user click the try button, they will face a empty draft, if they want to try the plugin here, they have to copy the page design into this draft, which makes the flow complicated.

:+1: This would be a great addition to the current “Try it out” functionality. When trying to give users a showcase of what a plugin can do it makes absolute sense to include an example dataset.

Now you can add playground files for your plugins and widgets.

Get detailed information from the links below:

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@Tank666 Thank you this is awesome!