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How to paste into each

I have made some changes in one of my components and now I need to copy&paste a few layers into each of the components in the same page.

I would like to be able to copy layers. And then paste them into each layer I select from the sidepanel.
This will allow me to keep the other sublayers unaltered while I paste the additional layers in the groups.
I hope the explanation was clear enough.

Right now I need to copy&paste manually multiple times.

PS: I just noticed, this feature already works for the “duplicate” command. Where while having a selection of multiple layers within different groups, one is able to “Duplicate” such layers and they get placed inside each of the groups.
If one doesn’t use the “duplicate” function but uses the common copy&paste, the elements get pasted in the parent element of the groups. Hence, the point of this post still applies.