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How to outline grouped auto layout elements?

I am trying to unsuccessfully create an outline in this element, it should look like this:
Frame 18

I tried some ways, these were the ones I got:
Frame 19
Frame 20

Is there a way to add an outline only to the outside of that element, as shown in the first image?

Are you referring to the 1234 in the white shape? Can you just add a border to that Frame/object?

I’m referring to the blue block. We’re trying to get an outline on the outside of the block – when we try to add it to the frame of the object, we get the two examples in the post.

Have you tried creating a union selection of the blue shape? It would have to remain a shape, not styles for the frame

Doesn’t work. It seems that all the values are overridden when creating a union:

can you send a file to look at?

We can’t send links on forums, is there another way to share it with you?

can you share the link to your file?

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