How to notify the watchers that a new version of the design is published?

Any time a change is made to the existing design , there is no notification to the users .How can this be resolved.

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Hey Melba_Francis, thank you for reaching out to the community.
As a workaround, Iā€™d recommend you to use mentions in comments (@-mentions), they will receive a notification when you mention them. @mention collaborators in comments by pressing @ symbol and typing their name. For more information, you can read our article: here

Another tip is to use the feature Dev mode with compare changes. Dev Mode allows you to see when a frame or component was last edited and compare changes made at different points in its version history. This can also help for your users to see the changes. More information: here

Potentially, you may also find a solution by using plugins/integrations as an option in the Community:
Hope this helps!