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How to 'move in' a shape downwards without seeing it move down the whole page?

I would like to simulate an animation on a web page where a small square is tapped. Then the square expands downwards (to become an oblong). The a larger square slides it from the right of the page.

I have three frames for the animation: 1 with the square, 1 with the oblong and 1 with the large square.

As a stand alone animation, contained in a frame the size of the largest square, the animation works well. But when the animation is placed on a larger frame (to simulate the web page), the animation doesn’t work.

The problem is the oblong frame. When it ‘moves in’ it moves down the whole larger page. It doesn’t slide in from the frame it has been created in, and which I want the animation to be created in.

I tried masking it, but the animation sits on the top most layer and can’t be masked.

Have tried different settings and ‘Manual placement’ but it still animates from the top of the whole page.

It’s hard to describe such a simple problem. Hope someone can suggest something as web searches and youtube videos haven’t helped.


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