How to make a shape forget it's been rotated

I am creating an ‘infinite’ photo gallery. Basically a grid of images in various orientations that extends in all directions. I am creating empty rectangles to make the grid shape and then have other people paste their images into each rectangle. The problem I am having is a lot of the rectangles were rotated so when the image is pasted into it, the image is also rotated.

Is there a way to make all the rectangles ‘forget’ how they have been rotated and just work as a regular container for the images?


There is a workaround for “forgetting” rotation of the rectangle. Create new small rectangle inside the existing rectangle, select both rectangles, union selection and delete the small rectangle. if you now paste the image on Union layer, it will not be rotated.


Except I already have hundreds of rectangles laid out, so I guess this is a start-over for me. Thanks for the tip.

I selected and right clicked all elements I wanted to reset and “copied as svg” then pasted into Illustrator and the copied back. This set the bounding box of each element to only consist of vertical and horisontal lines, e.g forgetting the rotation of the elements.

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Ctrl+E. Or click right mouse button and choose “Flatten”.


if you don’t want to flatten for some reason it seems that grouping again can do the trick

But when you ungroup the rotated vector is still left the same. @micropoozz solution to flatten is what works.

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