How to make a line travel from point A to point B

Hi, I’m trying to have a line start at the left side of my page, and then slowly travel to a point onto the right side of my page. I want it to show the user that the product I’m speaking about has come from the UK to the US, and I’m not sure of how to get this effect while prototyping.

Hey @Halle_Risko,

You can use the pencil tool in Figma to draw the line from left to right then edit your line using the Stroke and Advanced stroke settings.

Here’s a screenshot that may help you get started:

Hi @dvaliao thank you for the reply! I have another question but the new topic button isn’t visible for me. I’m trying to create a variant of two components, and I would like my second component to hover to the left of my first, but I can’t figure out how to get it to do so. I was wondering if you could help!

@Halle_Risko Here’s a file you can duplicate to your drafts that I think covers the animation part of what you are looking for. Basically I put a mask on the dotted line and used Smart Animate to move the mask to the left so you can see the whole line.


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